Dr Frans Cronje


Dr Frans Cronje directs the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA). Dr Cronje has advised several hundred South African corporations, foreign investors, and policy shapers. He is the author of two books on South Africa’s future, and scenarios from those books have been presented to an estimated 30 000 people. He writes a column for Rapport and teaches scenario based strategy at the business school of the University of the Free State.

Dr Cronje holds a PhD in Scenario Planning from the University of the North West.

[Opinion] Violent anarchy: just what we’ve been warning SA to expect - Frans Cronje
Frans Cronje
13 Jul, 2021

‘Very high levels of economic exclusion, failing schools, unchecked corruption, racial nationalist rhetoric from the government, inept and poorly motivated security forces led by people who do not know what they are doing, and government policy that is unable to address any of these problems and more often than not exacerbates them…’.

[Video] South Africa Economic Outlook 2021
Bheki Mahlobo
25 Nov, 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, what are the prospects for economic recovery in the year ahead? Frans Cronje and Bheki Mahlobo discuss the domestic and global trends that will define South Africa's economic performance in 2021 and beyond.

[Video] Locked out: the risk of unemployment
Frans Cronje
15 Oct, 2020

Over 2 million jobs have been lost due to the economic Lockdown imposed by the ANC government. South Africa's structural unemployment problem is steadily worsening.

[Video] Can the ANC solve its corruption dilemma?
Frans Cronje
18 Sep, 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa has vowed to tackle corruption in the African National Congress (ANC). But does he have the political will and the strength to do so? The President faces a deep dilemma: he must be seen to act, but attempting to defeat corruption could risk tearing the ANC apart. Frans Cronje and Bheki Mahlobo discuss the ANC's corruption dilemma and various scenarios for the party.

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