Our reports

South Africa Survey

The Survey is published annually providing a deep-dive analysis of the major trends shaping South Africa across 14 social and economic fields from the economy, government finance, and living standards, to healthcare, crime, education, and demographics. At over 900 pages there is no more complete statistical reference guide to the trends that will shape a future South Africa and this makes the Survey an essential resource for the strategy and marketing teams of any firm with interests in South Africa. The Survey is published in hard copy and online in PDF and Excel.

Fast Facts

These monthly reports provide in-depth assessments of the trends shaping specific current social, economic, and political challenges in South Africa while also updating users on over 200 economic and social indicators. Recent editions include a budget review with a specific focus on tax trends, a comparative report on provincial and local government service delivery indicators, an analysis of school and university performance, a review of South African consumer spending trends, and an analysis of crime and security trends.


Published bi-monthly these reports identify and highlight key risks for South African investors arising from the global, domestic political, economic, and social environments. Written to be read in under 15 minutes this report is designed to put major risks on your firms radar long before they play out in the political, economic, or social environments.

Inside Politics

A quarterly report that provides our users with a deep-dive analysis of current political events and the inner workings of political parties. Drafted by the top political thinkers in the country, with first hand political experience, these reports cut through the speculation and guesswork to provide a hard assessment of the political climate and the status quo within political parties.

Strategic Intelligence

Relying on data analysis, first hand political information, and polling this quarterly report provides an estimate of the current macro socio-political and economic environment in South Africa together with a 120 month forecast of how that environment will change. The report factors in the complete spectrum of economic, social, and political trends shaping a future South Africa and from these provides an estimate of how the long term future of the country will evolve.