David Ansara

Chief Operating Officer

David Ansara is the Chief Operating Officer of the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA). In this role, David manages the CRA’s policy research and political risk advisory services. He is also responsible for the CRA’s bespoke projects division.

David is a regular speaker at conferences and events, where he discusses the political economy of South Africa and future scenarios for the country. He also comments widely in the media.

David holds a Master’s in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town.

[Opinion] Budget bottom line: SA is living on borrowed time
Bheki Mahlobo and David Ansara
02 Mar, 2021

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and the government he serves are increasingly living on borrowed time. In the absence of growth-enhancing policy reforms and fiscal prudence, South Africa remains vulnerable to an external shock.

[Opinion] Unrealistic approach to investment conference
David Ansara
19 Nov, 2020

Expectations abound within the government (and apparently among observers too) that this week’s investment conference will help to attract the flow of capital without which SA’s future cannot be assured. Is this realistic?

[Video] South Africa has run out of money
David Ansara
20 Oct, 2020

South Africa has run out of money and the only way to resolve this problem is to cut back on state spending, which is politically very difficult to do.

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