Thuthukani Ndebele

Head of Research

Thuthukani Ndebele is the Head of Research at the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA). As a senior analyst and editor, Thuthukani is primarily responsible for the production of CRA publications such as the annual Socio-Economic Survey of South Africa and the monthly Macro Review, among others. His primary research interests are demographics and education.

[Opinion] The Invisibles: South Africa’s growing underclass
Bheki Mahlobo and Thuthukani Ndebele
03 Sep, 2020

Poor people with little education and no work, and who generally live under difficult conditions, find themselves relying on state support, while being unable to occupy centre stage in public discourse. They are the underclass — often neglected and ‘invisible’ — yet increasingly, they are becoming a potential source of unrest.

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