Strategic Intelligence Report

Decoding India

India remains poorly understood by many political commentators and business leaders despite its significant impact on the global economy. This report serves as a basic introduction to the Indian political sphere. Decoding India

South Africa’s trade infrastructure and policy space in 2024

A new report from the Centre for Risk Analysis unpacks the current state of physical trade infrastructure in South Africa. South Africa’s trade infrastructure and policy space in 2024

A New Political Landscape

This edition unpacks the changing political landscape in South Africa in the run up to the 2024 National and Provincial Elections. A New Political Landscape

World War Pacific

31 January 2024 - This edition examines the likelihood of a military conflict over Taiwan between China and the United States. World War Pacific

Business Beleaguered

05 December 2023 - This edition unpacks South Africa's hostile business environment. Business Beleaguered

Things fall apart

16 December 2022 - This edition examines what is happening in South Africa today, including the social and economic forces that will influence the trajectory of the country. Things fall apart

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