Karel | 12 Aug, 2019
[Audio] Why there is no necessary reform
David Ansara
20 Sep, 2021

David Ansara, Chief Operating Officer of the CRA, was interviewed by Sara Gon on Chai FM about the reasons for the lack of policy reform in South Africa.

[Podcast] Risk and having a Plan B
David Ansara
16 Sep, 2021

My guest, David Ansara from the "Solutions with David Ansara" podcast, is the Chief Operating Office of the Centre for Risk Analysis.

[News] ‘Pink Vote’ an untapped market for SA political parties
Gerbrandt Van Heerden
09 Sep, 2021

“Gerbrandt van Heerden, the author of The SA Pink Vote report, said if political parties continued to ignore the LGBTQ voting bloc during elections, they risked missing out on an active, dynamic and electorally valuable market.”

[Opinion] The Economics Underpinning South Africa’s Riots
Gerbrandt van Heerden
23 Aug, 2021

It has been labelled as South Africa’s worst episode of civil unrest since the days of apartheid. The rioting that occurred following the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma for contempt of court on July 7—specifically, for failing to show up for an official inquiry into his alleged corruption during his nine-year presidency—has been among the darkest chapters in the country’s recent history.

[Opinion] Foreign workers contribute to South Africa’s economy
Gerbrandt van Heerden
05 Aug, 2021

Beyond the most recent attacks on South African trucks in the violence and looting along key routes between KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng is a longer story of an industry embattled by criminality, and of a transport sector that has long been prone to xenophobic violence.

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