Client Note

Gaming a grid collapse

26 May 2023 - In this exclusive Client Note, CRA Director John Endres and CRA Head of Policy Analysis Chris Hattingh discusses how South Africa's electricity crisis could deepen, and assesses the likelihood of a grid collapse.

SA likely to lose AGOA access

12 May 2023 - Head of Policy Analysis at the CRA, Chris Hattingh, discusses how South Africa's perceived support for Russia, could harm the country's relationship with the United States, and put the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) agreement in jeopardy.

South Africa's greylisting - what does it mean and what happens next?

28 February 2022 - Director of the CRA, John Endres, and CRA analyst, Makone Maja, discuss the implications of South Africa being greylisted, and the government's commitment to getting the country off the grey list.

SONA: State of dysfunction

14 February 2023 - Head of Policy Analysis, Chris Hattingh, describes the real state of the nation as one that is radically different from the experiences of the ruling party elite.

No plan to fix education

27 January 2023 - Deputy Head of Reseach, Gerbrandt van Heerden, unpacks South Africa's real matric pass rate, and the underlying issues facing public schools.

The embattled President

7 December 2022 - John Endres (Director) and Chris Hattingh (Senior Policy Analyst) of the CRA set out five political implications arising from the Phala Phala affair.

Greylisting imminent

1 December 2022 - Chris Hattingh (CRA Senior Policy Analyst) and Makone Maja (CRA Analyst) — discuss the potential impact of greylisting on South Africa’s economy and financial markets.

U.S. Midterms: the coming Red Wave?

2 November 2022 - Chris Hattingh, Senior Policy Analyst at the CRA, weighs in on the likelihood of a red wave in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Mr. Hattingh argues that even if the Republicans take only the House, the Biden administration will effectively become a lame duck.

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