Client Note

Frosty Relations

16 February 2024 - Tensions are mounting between the United States and South Africa after a series of relationship-damaging events.

In this exclusive Client Note, Nicholas Lorimer and Chris Hattingh discuss a new bill which will oblige the United States to review its relationship with South Africa.

The authors argue that should the bill pass, it will have serious ramifications for trade and investment between the two countries – something South Africa's stagnant economy can barely afford.

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Inflation risks in 2024

08 February 2024 - In this exclusive Client Note, Mlondi Mdluli discusses how global and local crises may conspire to create upward pressure on prices in South Africa.

Mr Mlondi argues that only through appropriate government policy and spending decisions can South Africa bring inflation under control.

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Perfecting the own goal

27 November 2023 - In this exclusive Client Note, Chris Hattingh discusses the collapse of Transnet.

Mr Hattingh argues that business should be steadfast in their demands for policy reform at all of Transnet's departments.

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The future of medical tax credits

15 November 2023 - In this exclusive Client Note, Chris Hattingh discusses how the abolishment of medical tax credits could threaten the sustainability of private medical aids.

Mr Hattingh further argues that ending medical tax credits will not address the issues afflicting the public health sector, nor will it help meet the enormous costs of the NHI.

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Treasury walking the tightrope

02 November 2023 - In this exclusive Client Note, Chris Hattingh unpacks the 2023 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement.

Mr. Hattingh argues that only through growth-orientated policies can South Africa avoid a fiscal crisis.

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Conflict in the Middle East

27 October 2023 - In this exclusive Client Note, Chris Hattingh and Nicholas Lorimer discuss how the Israeli-Hamas conflict could evolve into a larger regional conflict in the Middle East, impacting international oil markets and investor sentiment.

The writers argue that a protracted war could further push investment flows away from riskier assets such as South African government bonds.

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22 August 2023 - In this exclusive Client Note, Genevieve Labuschagne of the CRA unpacks the two main aims of BRICS: to expand influence by increasing its members, and to establish a unified currency to rival the Dollar.

Ms. Labuschagne argues that the volatile relations between member states, and the pursuit of self interest, could limit the effectiveness and potential longevity of BRICS.

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Will the ANC give up power peacefully?

24 July 2023 - In this exclusive CRA Client Note, Marius Roodt of the IRR explores the ANC's prospects in the 2024 national election, and how the party may respond, should it lose its national majority.

Mr. Roodt argues that even if the ANC did give up power, it is likely that the party would move to undermine the new government in numerous ways.

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