CRA services to continue under Coronavirus contingency plan

Amongst many measures taken, social gatherings of more than 100 persons have been prohibited and in-person meetings are strongly discouraged. As the CRA, we endorse these measures as an urgent priority to avert the further spread of COVID-19.

Please note that the CRA will continue to offer strategic intelligence and scenario planning services in the form of remote briefings. These will be conducted via an electronic videoconferencing system, already in place. This digital platform will enable participants to log in from the safety of their homes to an interactive session with either Dr Frans Cronje, myself or other members of the CRA team.

Under these circumstances, we understand that your upcoming client events, board and management meetings may be postponed or cancelled. However, we would urge you to adapt swiftly to digital alternatives. Our team of analysts is here to help you identify, and prepare for, the many social and economic headwinds that are coming our way.

Our digital reports and data will continue to be available to clients via email alerts and behind the paywall on the CRA website. In short, all our services will go ahead uninterrupted.

Our scenario models have always taken into account a global crisis caused by an unknown factor. As we have identified in client notes over the past several weeks, the viral pandemic has now emerged as that key variable, which we are currently incorporating into our analysis. We will soon be sharing Corona-specific scenarios with our clients and would urge you to engage closely with us in your strategic planning processes.

In this time of great uncertainty and upheaval, it is essential that you stay properly informed of the risks – and choices – that lie before you. We wish you, your families and your colleagues all the best for the weeks and months ahead. We will be with you every step of the way.

Kind regards,

David Ansara
Chief Operating Officer | Email: | Mobile: 076 845 7324

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