[News] Ramaphosa’s Dependence on the Left Stymies South African Reforms
15 Aug, 2019

“The wrestling match over the ANC tiller is now essentially between a hard-left faction and aggressive racial nationalist faction all under the supervision of a captain who cannot break the deadlock or inspire a third way,” the Johannesburg-based Centre for Risk Analysis said in a report it gives to clients. Ramaphosa “believes, fatally in our view, that maintaining unity among the crew is a priority,” it said.

[Opinion] Brexit scenarios: Events, dear boy, events
Hermann Pretorius
24 Jul, 2019

CRA Analyst, Hermann Pretorius, shares his thoughts on six scenarios for Brexit under new PM, Boris Johnson. This analysis was adapted from the CRA’s Strategic Intelligence Report which details trends and potential scenarios for the domestic and international political economy. This and other reports are available exclusively to CRA subscribers.

[Opinion] The dying of the light
Katherine Brown
11 Apr, 2019

Fixing Eskom requires a better mix of energy sources including nuclear, a lower wage bill, appointing staff on merit and more autonomy for the board.

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