Fast Facts no 2 - February 2010


  • Local government: leader
    A single approach to resolving the issues at local government level will not yield the best results for each of South Africa’s 283 diverse municipalities.
  • Local government: protests
    Municipalities were plagued by service delivery protests that wreaked havoc in many parts of the country. The reasons, demands, and activities are analysed.
  • Local government:  Stats
    The Institute provides 80 indicators for the country’s 52 district and metropolitan municipalities. These are divided into 10 categories which are demographics, education, employment, employment by industry, dwellings occupied, household access levels to basic and other services, transport to work or school, social security recipients, health, and crime and security rates.
  • Local government: overview
    South Africa’s municipalities may have challenges in common, but they serve economically, culturally, and socially diverse communities
  • Fast Stats
    170 updated economic and social indicators and forecasts for South Africa


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