Fast Facts no 10 - October 2011


  • Public debate
    Despite claims to the contrary, criticism and scrutiny of the Government is thriving among black opinion-makers.
  • Public debate
    Some claim that black people who criticise the Government are anti-black and others suggest black opinion-makers have opted out of public debate.
  • The economy
    There are a number of challenges facing the economy and most agree that unemployment and stagnant growth are the most pressing.
  • Race relations
    Opinions on race relations are greatly varied. While some black commentators say that black people cannot be racist, others accuse ANC and government leaders of racism.
  • Unemployment
    Black opinion-makers agree that unemployment is a serious issue in South Africa but differ greatly on how to rectify it.
  • Corruption
    There is agreement among black opinion-makers that corruption is a serious problem in South Africa. While some call on the State to fix the rot that has set in, others claim that the responsibility for ridding society of corruption begins with its citizens.
  • Nationalisation
    Despite support for nationalisation from within the tripartite alliance, more black opinion-makers seem to be against the policy than favour it.
  • Fast Stats



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