Fast Facts no 07 - July 2011


  • Rainbow Index
    The Institute’s Rainbow Index monitors South Africa’s performance on ‘ten pillars of democracy’, all of which are vital to political and economic freedom. Analysis and scores for 2010/11 are contained in this and the next two issues of Fast Facts.
  • Democratic Governance
    In a local government election in May 2011 that was generally well-run, the African National Congress won 62% of the vote but nevertheless lost support everywhere except KwaZulu- Natal.
  • Rule of Law
    New judiciary bills, though improved, still give the executive control over the administration and budgets of the courts.
  • Individual Rights
    The Constitutional Court has confirmed the Government’s duty to act effectively against corruption, which erodes many individual rights.
  • Media and Civil Society
    The Protection of Information Bill is again before Parliament, while proposals for a Media Appeals Tribunal have been revived. The South African Broadcasting Corporation continues to show a bias towards the ruling party.
  • Fast Stats


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