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In this video, Makone Maja and Chris Hattingh of the CRA, unpack the state of infrastructure in South Africa.

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The above chart shows the volume of goods transported by rail and road since 2013.

The rail network moved just under 155 million tonnes of freight in 2022 — representing a near 30% decline from over 213 million tonnes moved in 2013.

During the same period, the volume of freight moved by road increased by 61%, or from 521 million tonnes in 2013 to 839 million tonnes in 2022.

Rail infrastructure deterioration, shortages of spare parts, and vandalism, are forcing more transport loads onto the country's already overwhelmed roads, increasing congestion and damaging road infrastructure.

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"Where the ANC has vacated positions of power in the past, it has often engaged in ploys legal and illegal to make it as hard as possible for the new government to function." Client note: Will the ANC give up power peacefully? (24 July 2023)

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