Business-Labour2010.jpgThe Business and Labour chapter of the Survey provides the most detailed available report on business and labour trends for South Africa together with selected international comparisons that will greatly improve the quality of decisions taking by private sector investors doing business in South Africa. Data is presented for the number of business enterprises by size including SMMEs, public and private fixed capital stock, state owned enterprises, franchises, and the small business environment. An infrastructure review provides data on ports, vessels calling at ports, railways, roadways, airports and aircraft movements, energy usage and resources, and water and dams. The business environment is reviewed via a global competitiveness index and report. Data is included for the ease of doing business in South Africa, a financial development index, an economic freedom index, ease of trading information, an e-readiness ranking, a network readiness ranking, and a mining attractiveness ranking. Sectoral business trends are provided for agriculture including data on production and consumption by province, on wholesale and retail trade, on tourism, and on vehicle sales and production. Ten pages are devoted to BEE developments and trends including BEE transactions between 1994 and 2009. South Africa’s top companies and top empowerment companies are ranked. On industrial relations data is provided on trade unions and their membership, bargaining councils, wage settlements by major sectors and unions, minimum sectoral wages, strikes, lockouts, strike triggers, and employee benefits.


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South African business and labour at a glance

All sizes of business
Number of enterprises in South Africa by size, 2004 and 2007
Small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) by sector

Public and private ownership of fixed capital stock
Fixed capital stock by ownership, 2002
Fixed capital stock by ownership, 2008

State-owned enterprises
State-owned enterprises (SOEs), 2008/09
Employment by race and sex at SOEs, 2010 (numbers and proportions)

Global entrepreneurship monitor
Entrepreneurial activity by country, 2008

Franchise systems by business category, 2008
Growth in franchise business units, 2006 and 2008
Franchise contribution to GDP, 2006 and 2008
Capital invested in franchises for the 12 months up to 29 February 2009
Franchise costs, 2008
Total employment in franchises, 2008

Small business
Overview of small businesses, 2010
Profile of the small business owner, 2010
Geographical distribution of small business in South Africa, 2010
Small business owners by age, 2010
Starting up challenges, 2010
Small business obstacles to growth, 2010
Source of start-up business capital, 2010

Physical infrastructure
Vessels calling at South African ports, 2004–09
The South African road network
The South African rail network
Railways and roads
Road versus rail, 2007 and 2008
Aircraft movements at South Africa’s ten major airports, 2002/03–2008/09
Electricity generation by fuel type, 2006
Electricity usage by sector, 2009
South Africa’s maximum electricity capacity, 2009
South Africa’s projected electricity demand up until 2020
South African dams

The business environment
Competitiveness index
Global competitiveness index rankings, 2009–10 and 2010–11
South Africa’s ranking on the Global Competitiveness Index’s 12 pillars, 2010–2011
South Africa’s ranking on the Global Competitiveness Index in detail, 2010–2011
World Competitiveness Report (global rankings 2009 and 2010)
Ease of doing business in South Africa
South Africa’s ranking for ease of doing business, 2009
Ease of doing business, 2009
Conducting business, 2009
Financial Development Index, 2009
Economic freedom of the world from the Heritage Foundation, 2010 (selected countries)
Economic freedom of the world from the Economic Freedom Network, 2007 (selected countries)
Ease of trading across borders, 2009 (selected countries)
Attractiveness of countries for mining investment, 2010
Global E-readiness rankings, 2009 (selected countries)
Networked Readiness Index, 2009–10 (selected countries)

The JSE Limited and global exchanges
The JSE all-share index, 1998–2009
World stock markets

The Competition Tribunal’s biggest fines

Selected business by sector
Agriculture, hunting, forestry, and fishing
Land utilisation in South Africa
Farms and farmworkers
Commercial farming units and employment on farms by province, 1993 and 2007
Casual and full-time employees by province, 2007
Households involved in agricultural production and the nature of agricultural activities by province, 2009 (actual numbers)
Households involved in agricultural production and the nature of agricultural activities by province, 2009 (proportion)
Proportions of households involved in agricultural production by type of selected agricultural activity, 2009
Households involved in one or more agricultural production activity by race, 2009
Crop-producing households by type of land tenure and race, 2009
Proportion of African crop-producing households, 2009
Proportion of households of other races producing crops, 2009
Household area of crop production by province, 2009
Production and consumption
Household use of agricultural products by province, 2009
Households that sold most of their agricultural produce by province, 2009
Breakdown of households by use of agricultural produce, 2009
Wholesale and retail trade
Tourist arrivals in South Africa by year, 2002–09
Thirty most popular global tourist destinations, 2007
New car sales, production, and exports
New car sales, production, and exports, 1995–2009

Black Economic Empowerment
The generic scorecard, 2007
JSE black directorships, 2008–10
Change in JSE black directorships, 2008–10
Black Economic Empowerment, 1995–2009
BEE transaction contribution to total transaction value, 1994–2009
Charters vs codes
The top 100 empowerment companies

South African companies
Global rankings
South African companies ranked in the Forbes Top 1 000 companies, 2009
The top 100
South Africa’s top 100 companies by turnover
Top five companies by sector
Top empowerment companies
South Africa’s top empowerment companies by sector


Trade unions
Trade unions and membership, 1994–2009
Trade union membership as a proportion of employed, and as a proportion of the economically active population, 1994–2007

Bargaining councils 1996–2009
Bargaining councils, 1996–2009

Wage settlements
Wage settlements and the inflation rate, 1998–2009
Average wage settlement by major sectors and unions, 2009
Average minimum monthly wage across major sectors, 2009
Average wage increase by province, 2009

Strikes and lockouts
Mandays lost as a result of strikes, 1979–2009
Top six strikes by duration, 2009
Mandays lost in the top six strikes, 2009
Strike triggers (proportion of mandays lost due to triggers), 1987–2009
Strike triggers, 2009

Proportion of employees receiving benefits by number of hours worked, 2003 and 2008

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