Strategic Intelligence Report

Understanding China: History, politics and economics

The latest report from the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA) provides a comprehensive introduction to the history, politics and economics of contemporary China.

The race for the White House

The latest report from the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA) looks ahead to the US Presidential election on 3 November.

Global and South African Scenarios in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic

The report identifies ten key driving forces of the Covid-19 crisis and provides four scenarios for the future of the pandemic using the CRA’s unique scenario planning methodology.

COVID-19: Global Scenarios

The Centre For Risk Analysis has released this Covid-19 Global Scenarios report to enable clients to develop immediate strategic responses to the Covid-19 crisis under conditions of rapid change, great uncertainty and limited information.

No. 1 | 2019

The Strategic Intelligence Report provides you with comprehensive analysis of the domestic and international political economy in a single place. This report is updated on an ongoing basis and published twice a year.

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