The CRA offers briefings on political developments, scenarios for South Africa’s next decade, strategic intelligence forecasts, economic trends, and government policy. Briefings are popular for board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and client engagements.

Briefings are most often delivered by our own analysts but we can also draft in third-party experts from a host of political and professional backgrounds to join us at your board or strategy meeting. Custom and sector specific briefings are produced by our Bespoke Projects division.

The Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA) helps business and government leaders plan for a future South Africa and identify policies that will create a more prosperous society.

The CRA provides its clients with strategic intelligence and scenario planning services to help them navigate South Africa's economic, social, policy and political landscape.

The CRA uses in-person briefings, reports, videos and podcasts to provide in-depth analysis on domestic and international trends affecting its clients.

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