No. 4 Vol. 1 4th Quarter 2018

This edition is based on a series of findings from a new “snap” survey conducted between 26 November and 4 December 2018, showing that the ANC has improved its national figure by four percentage points, from 52% in September to 56%. Both the DA (down from 23% to 18%) and the EFF (down from 13% to 11%) tracked down from September.

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No. 3 Vol. 1 3rd Quarter 2018

This edition is built on a series of findings from a new survey. It gives insight into party political support levels and provides a snapshot of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s standing and approval rating, based on voter sentiment.

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No. 2 Vol. 1 2nd Quarter 2018

This edition serves as a scene-setter for the forthcoming 2019 national and provincial elections.

On Tuesday 19 June, Independent Electoral Commission chairperson Glen Mashinini told Parliament’s select committee on social services that the elections were likely to be held between May and August 2019. That leaves political parties with between eleven and fourteen months to campaign. The ANC, DA and EFF have thus already put their respective party machinery into gear.

An analysis of previous voting trends and patterns illustrates where the partys’ strengths and weaknesses lie and will go some way towards determining their fortunes in a year’s time, and, in turn, identifying on which provinces and potential markets each party will focus.

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No. 1 Vol. 1 1st Quarter 2018

The report describes and analyses some of the key trends defining contemporary South African politics, the main political parties and personalities.

The brief is, thus, exclusively political in nature and, we believe, unique in this regard. It sets out some of the bigger macro-forces at play, with the 2019 national and provincial elections as the backdrop, before focusing exclusively on the three biggest political parties: the African National Congress, the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters.

In this way, it attempts to identify the internal challenges and obstacles currently facing each of them and how those forces might play out over the coming months. Ultimately, it is designed to help our clients better understand the internal but powerful forces behind the scenes which so often drive external positioning and policy.

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