Client Note

The embattled President

7 December 2022 - John Endres (Director) and Chris Hattingh (Senior Policy Analyst) of the CRA set out five political implications arising from the Phala Phala affair.

Greylisting imminent

1 December 2022 - Chris Hattingh (CRA Senior Policy Analyst) and Makone Maja (CRA Analyst) — discuss the potential impact of greylisting on South Africa’s economy and financial markets.

U.S. Midterms: the coming Red Wave?

2 November 2022 - Chris Hattingh, Senior Policy Analyst at the CRA, weighs in on the likelihood of a red wave in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Mr. Hattingh argues that even if the Republicans take only the House, the Biden administration will effectively become a lame duck.

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The CRA By-elections Tracker

11 October 2022 - What do local government by-elections reveal about levels of political party support in South Africa?

In this exclusive Client Note, Marius Roodt analyses the results of 41 by-elections held since November 2021.

Roodt also looks ahead to three more by-elections taking place tomorrow in various parts of the country.

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EWC: A systemic risk

6 October 2022 - CRA Director, John Endres, explains how the Expropriation Bill and the Land Court Bill pose a serious threat to property rights. The dilution of property rights will raise the overall risk of investing in South Africa significantly, Endres argues.

Can emerging markets withstand global pressures?

8 September 2022 - Senior Policy Analyst, Chris Hattingh, explores the growing financial pressure on emerging markets (EMs). As EM governments borrow more to fund infrastructure and welfare spending, the risk of debt crises rises.

NHI cannot fix basic infrastructure, systems issues

26 August 2022 - Senior Policy Analyst, Chris Hattingh, discusses the significance of the collapse of healthcare services in Nelson Mandela Bay. The planned introduction of National Health Insurance (NHI) will only exacerbate the deep structural problems affecting South Africa's public healthcare system, Hattingh argues.

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