[Opinion] Save Stats SA
Financial Mail
07 Aug, 2020

The slow crippling of Stats SA through budget cuts and understaffing constitutes more than a threat to one institution. It stands to pull the rug out from under SA’s ability to formulate effective policy

[Audio] Stats SA weakened and incapacitated due to lack of funding
31 Jul, 2020

Gerbrandt Van Heerden, research analyst at the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA), spoke to Power FM's Thabiso Kotane about how cuts in government funding are threatening Stats SA’s ability to fulfil its core mandate − to produce key statistics that are vital to understanding the nature of South African society.

[Opinion] Will fiscal pressure breed reform?
08 Jul, 2020

In his supplementary budget on 24 June, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni painted a dire picture of South Africa’s public finances in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis and the government-imposed lockdown.

[Video] COVID-19: The Hunger Challenge
Carte Blanche | M-Net
04 May, 2020

Dr Frans Cronje of the Centre For Risk Analysis spoke to Carte Blanche about the flaws in the South African government's national lockdown strategy. Cronje argues that the economic deprivation caused by the lockdown risks triggering social instability in the country.