[Audio] The Economy with Ian Cruickshanks
Strictly Business
30 Oct, 2019

22 OCT 2019 - Ian Cruickshanks, Chief Economist at the Centre For Risk Analysis, discusses the state of the South African economy with independent business broadcaster, Lindsay Williams.

[Video] The rise or fall of South Africa in the 2020s
Frans Cronje
02 Oct, 2019

02 Oct, 2019 - Dr Frans Cronje, CRA Director, presents the latest scenarios from the CRA’s Strategic Intelligence Briefing. Dr Cronje is also available to brief management or executive teams in person or via conference call.

[News] Key factors driving unemployment discussed
Roodepoort Northsider
29 Sep, 2019

He listed and deeply analysed the following issues: low economic growth; hostile broader economic policy framework; poor education; low skill level, and labour policy as key drivers of unemployment.