Karel | 12 Aug, 2019
[Opinion] Unrealistic approach to investment conference
David Ansara
19 Nov, 2020

Expectations abound within the government (and apparently among observers too) that this week’s investment conference will help to attract the flow of capital without which SA’s future cannot be assured. Is this realistic?

[Opinion] New Expropriation Bill a sign that the ANC’s days are numbered
Nicholas Babaya
22 Oct, 2020

With the government budget deficit expected to pass 40% this year, the African National Congress’s (ANC) options to source the coal needed to fuel its gravy train are dwindling. There should be little doubt that the new expropriation law is intended to make up for this insufficiency.

[Video] Are fears of a “second wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic justified?
21 Oct, 2020

While known cases have risen in Europe and North America, there has not been a corresponding increase in deaths. Why not? The CRA team and guest speaker, Ian McGorian, big data analyst and member of Pandemics Data & Analysis (PANDA), discuss the validity of the “second wave” thesis.

[Video] South Africa has run out of money
David Ansara
20 Oct, 2020

South Africa has run out of money and the only way to resolve this problem is to cut back on state spending, which is politically very difficult to do.

[Video] Locked out: the risk of unemployment
Frans Cronje
15 Oct, 2020

Over 2 million jobs have been lost due to the economic Lockdown imposed by the ANC government. South Africa's structural unemployment problem is steadily worsening.