[Opinion] Nurse shortage crisis in South Africa
Tawanda Makombo
05 Jul, 2023

South Africa has been faced with a critical shortage of nurses, which has been worsening over the years, resulting in a number of challenges in providing quality healthcare.

[Video] Emigrasie en die impak daarvan op die land - In Gesprek
Chris Hattingh
03 Jul, 2023

Panel discussion with the head of international relations for the Solidarity Movement, Jaco Kleynhans, and a senior policy analyst at the centre for risk analysis, Chris Hattingh about emigration and the effect thereof on the country and its economy.

[Video] War in Ukraine | US lawmakers want SA punished for non-aligned stance
Chris Hattingh
15 Jun, 2023

South Africa may be punished for its non-aligned stance on the war in Ukraine. A bipartisan group of 4 US lawmakers see the stance as support for Russia. They have since asked Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to move the AGOA summit from the country. AGOA allows for duty-free exports from Sub-Saharan Africa to the economic giant. We get more on this from Chris Hattingh from the Centre for Risk Analysis.

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