[Video] 15th BRICS summit | 22 countries apply for membership
Chris Hattingh
15 Aug, 2023

At least 22 countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, have formally asked to join the BRICS bloc. A further group of 22 have expressed interest in gaining membership. The core group of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will discuss this next week in Johannesburg.

[Opinion] Risky business
Chris Hattingh
13 Aug, 2023

The greater the extent to which business and government become mixed, the greater the incentive for – and likelihood of – regulations and policies being set up in such a way as to benefit those with the necessary resources and level of political influence.

[Letter] One-stop energy shop will cause more problems
Chris Hattingh
03 Aug, 2023

It appears that our government officials have locked themselves up in an ivory tower full of new policy proposals, big ideas and slow reforms, far removed from the SA citizen on the ground.

[Video] 2024: SA's watershed election? | Africa Liberty Forum, Cape Town (Atlas Network)
Makone Maja
28 Jul, 2023

The current state-centric model has failed, but what will replace it? In 2024, South Africans will vote in what will be the most highly contested elections in the post-apartheid era. Opposition parties could find themselves in governmental power, but will an opposition coalition turn the country’s fortunes around? What alternative policies should they be exploring now?

[Opinion] Nurse shortage crisis in South Africa
Tawanda Makombo
05 Jul, 2023

South Africa has been faced with a critical shortage of nurses, which has been worsening over the years, resulting in a number of challenges in providing quality healthcare.

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