Karel | 12 Aug, 2019
[Opinion] Violent anarchy: just what we’ve been warning SA to expect - Frans Cronje
Frans Cronje
13 Jul, 2021

‘Very high levels of economic exclusion, failing schools, unchecked corruption, racial nationalist rhetoric from the government, inept and poorly motivated security forces led by people who do not know what they are doing, and government policy that is unable to address any of these problems and more often than not exacerbates them…’.

[Opinion] Budget bottom line: SA is living on borrowed time
Bheki Mahlobo and David Ansara
02 Mar, 2021

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and the government he serves are increasingly living on borrowed time. In the absence of growth-enhancing policy reforms and fiscal prudence, South Africa remains vulnerable to an external shock.

[Audio] Differences in quality of life between rural and urban provinces
Gerbrandt van Heerden
18 Feb, 2021

How do differences in the quality of life between urban and rural provinces affect migration, elections and independent movements in South Africa? Gerbrandt Van Heerden, research analyst at the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA), speaks with Sara Gon on Chai FM’s IRR podcast series about the quality of life in South Africa and the implications of major inequalities between urban and rural provinces.

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